We support our customers achieve their goals by providing useful and functional websites with a focus on simplicity, conversion and sustainability.

Strategy & Analysis

A deliberate strategy on the web is crucial to the outcome . We help you appear correctly , find new sources of traffic , source the right kind of visitors and exposed in the right context .

Concept & Design

In concept and design , we focus on a holistic perspective where the business value and user experience is located in the city center. A good design is the one that helps you achieve your goals.

Web Development

We develop both entire websites , e-commerce solutions from the ground up as more tech heavy functions and integrations into existing websites .

Optimization & Support

We support many of our customers in their daily operation and management but also in the process of improvement, optimization for mobile , testing, small changes and much more .

We need you!

STOK MNL Inc. is a software development company based in Manila, Philippines. The company engages in the business of web development, programming and related services for clients in the Philippines and worldwide.